Why do I need to eat my fruit and vegetables?

Food gives our bodies the nutrients it needs to function properly. If a nutrient isn’t present in the food you are consuming what is it telling your body? Before you grab for the bag of chips or cookies ask yourself have you had a vegetable or fruit today? Your body will thank you. #lifewithabaker

Homemade Bread

Love to make homemade bread. Filling the house with a wonderful aroma every time it is made. If only it would last longer than a day in our household. Maybe with making 2 loaves it will. Don't be hesitant to try making your own bread. It truly is easy and worth the wait. Bread Tips … Continue reading Homemade Bread

South Dakota Vacation

Kicked off Summer with a trip to Rapid City, South Dakota. We had no concrete plans but ideas on what we wanted to do. With kids we wanted to make sure we kept their interest. Giving them suggestions on what we can do and then letting them decided for the most part. Here are places … Continue reading South Dakota Vacation